Highlights of 2017 thus far


- Publication of special theme issue of the Journal of Humanities (Volume 57, No. 1), celebrating the career of retired colleague, Marinus Schoeman.

Theme: Philosophy as Analysis of the Present. The Diagnostic and Critical Function of Philosophy

Guest Editor: Benda Hofmeyr

Contributors: Philippe van Haute, Paul van Tongeren, Marieke Borren, Matthias Pauwels, Catherine Botha, Marinus Schoeman, et al.



- Paper presentation at the 4th Annual International Conference of the Centre for Phenomenology in South Africa, 24-26 March 2017, Cintsa, SA

Theme: Justice and the Other


- Co-presentation of First Bilateral Summer School at the University of Konstanz, Germany with Prof Albrecht Korschorke (Konstanz) and Prof Stephan Meuhr (Pretoria)

The Summer School took place 5-12 June 2017 and seven students from the University of Pretoria participated. Their countries of origin are diverse including Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, and of course South Africa. For many it was their very first visit to Europe. The theme of the Summer School was 'Myths of Origin'.The Summer School is one of two; the second is scheduled to take place in April 2018 at the University of Pretoria. The two Summer Schools are organized under the auspices of the colloration between the MA African European Cultural Relations Programme (UP) and the Masterstudiengang Kulturelle Grundlagen Europas.







- Paper presentation at the Humanities for the Environment Conference, an international conference hosted by the University of Pretoria from 4-8 August 2017


- Paper presented: The Tragedy of the Commons Revisited

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Inventory of Possible Narrations


 2013. (Ed.) Inventory of Possible Narrations. Amsterdam: Onomatopee. PAGES: 180 ISBN 978-90-78454-48-9

Editors: Paul Hendrikse (visual artist) & Benda Hofmeyr

Contributors: Ingrid Winterback, Michiel Heyns, Mark Behr, Ilse Carla Groenewald & Basha Faber

The Death of the Author Or the Life of Writing. Some Outroductory Reflections on Method by Benda Hofmeyr

Inventory of Possible Narrations revolves around the life of South African writer and poet Ingrid Jonker, who committed suicide in 1965 at age 32 and who has grown to become an icon in her native country after the fall of the Apartheid regime. Jonker became a public figure of mythical proportions, a symbol in the identity defining process of South Africa. 

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Radical Passivity

2009. (Ed.) Radical Passivity. Rethinking Ethical Agency in Levinas. Dordrecht, NL: Springer. Book Series: Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy. PAGES: 166. ISBN: 978-1-4020-9346-3


The Wal-Mart Phenomenon

2008. (Ed.) The Wal-Mart Phenomenon. Resisting Neo-Liberal Power through Art, Design & Theory. Maastricht: Jan van Eyck Academie Press. PAGES: 160. ISBN: 978-907207629-8


Ethics and Aesthetics in Foucault and Levinas

2005. Ethics and Aesthetics in Foucault and Levinas. PhD Thesis, Radboud University Nijmegen (Print Partners Ipskamp). PAGES: 278. ISBN: 90-9019341-3